What we mean by stupid people

I’ve been going through our old posts, and I want to make it clear, we aren’t saying stupid as in “bad grades” or what it sounds like.

When we say stupid people

We mean the people who don’t realise that acting like a fake bitch is wrong.

Because nearly everyone we know in real life is like that.

They think that if they’re all fake and annoying and bitchy, people will like them. And they actually do fit right in with the other people like them

But they’re “stupid” because they don’t see that what they’re doing is morally wrong.

Because not only are they destroying us, they’re also destroying their own identity. They’ll never know what they’re really like if they lie and bitch like they do.

We’re “intelligent” because we’re not afraid to be ourselves.

I’m not saying we don’t have our moments.

But we don’t create a fake personality for ourselves because we know BETTER than that.

This movement is to raise awareness.

That there’s something more than not being yourself.

It’s being yourself.